Does Apple Music Tell You Your Most Played Songs?

How do you see your most played songs on Apple music?

To simply access the playlist of your 100 most played songs, go to the “Listen Now” tab in the Apple Music app and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Once there, you’ll see your Replay for 2020 and every year you’ve had Apple Music..

Does Apple Music Show stats?

Apple has announced that it’s introducing a year-end feature called Apple Music Replay. … And as HITC reports, Apple Music Replay will also show you stats including how many hours of music you’ve listened to on the service this year, how many times you’ve listened to your favorite songs, and more.

Can you see who listens to your playlist on Apple music?

When you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can see music your friends are listening to by following them. You can also see the playlists they’ve shared. You see this information on your profile screen in the Music app . …

Does Apple music tell you your top artist?

So, you could indulge in recent nostalgia or dip back to revisit your favorite tracks from other years. Along with the playlists, Apple Music Replay will show your top artists and albums of the year, in addition to other stats like how many artists you listened to in total.

How do I find my Apple Music Year in Review?

To find your Apple Music Replay 2020 year-in-review, simply head to in Safari on your device. Here, you’ll be presented with all of the details on your Apple Music listening habits throughout the year.

Does Apple music have an online player?

Apple Music is now accessible on all devices via web browser. At last, you can listen to Apple Music on the web, in your browser of choice, instead of needing an iOS or Android app, or iTunes app for Mac or Windows. … We confirmed the web player works on several Macs and Android phones.

Does Apple Music Show your most played songs?

With the Apple Music Replay feature, they can also take a look back at their most-played songs and albums. Accessing this feature requires a subscription to Apple Music, and from there, it’s simple to discover which artists they have had on repeat in 2020.

Can you see how many times you’ve listened to a song on Apple music?

The Plays column is where you will see your play counts, be it a singular playlist or your library displayed as songs. And if you don’t see Plays, then click View > Show View Options. It will bring up a menu and make sure Plays is checked.

How do I find my Apple music history?

How to view your play history on your iPhone or iPadOpen the Music app.Tap the currently playing track.Choose the Up Next icon. Source: iMore.Swipe down to reveal your song listing history.Tap a track if you want to play it again.Swipe down to return to the previous screen. Source: iMore.

What makes a song get a star on Apple music?

Generally, the star will appear next to a song if it is the most popular or most played one on an album. The older version of iTunes used a star rating. Users could show how much they enjoyed a song by marking it up or down by a few stars.

How many songs does Apple music have 2020?

Library and music selection Spotify says it has a catalog of over 50 million songs while Apple Music tops 60 million.

Can you see your Apple music stats?

Get insights about the artists and albums you listen to the most. Scroll down to see how many artists you listened to so far this year, and the hours you spent listening to them. You can also see the top 10 albums you listened to so far, with play counts for each album.

Is Apple music replay accurate?

Hi random_person0, Welcome to Apple Support Communities. We understand you’re not seeing an accurate update of your favorite music in Apple Music Replay. Apple Music Replay is a great way to review your listening history.

What counts as a play on Apple music?

Plays are recorded when a user initiates song playback in Apple Music for more than 30 seconds. Average Daily Listeners are the average number of daily unique listeners in the time frame selected. Purchases are recorded when a customer buys your song or album from the iTunes Store.