How Do You Become A 4.0 Tennis Player?

How long does it take to become a 4.0 tennis player?

It’s almost impossible to become a 4.0 in anything less than 2.5 years.


Even if you have world class coaching for like a year, you still need experience playing matches and learning strategy..

How good is a 3.5 tennis player?

Level 3.5. You have achieved improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, but need to develop depth and variety. You exhibit more aggressive net play, have improved court coverage and are developing teamwork in doubles.

What is Moon Ball in tennis?

A moonball is a groundstroke that is hit with massive topspin, passes over the net a very high “altitude,” and lands usually close to the opponent’s baseline. In a very real sense, the moonball is a topspin lob, but when hit properly, the moonball has more spin and more pace.

What does a 4.0 tennis player look like?

4.0 This player has dependable strokes, including directional intent, on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate shots, plus the ability to use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success. This player occasionally forces errors when serving and teamwork in doubles is evident.

What does 4.0 mean in tennis?

A person with a tennis rating of a 4.0 will force errors and sometimes become impatient but able to complete dependable shots with control and depth. A tennis rating of 4.5 indicates the person is starting to understand and execute the power and spin shots while maintaining pace of the game.

What does C mean in USTA rating?

Computer Rated PlayersC – Computer Rated Players. Exception: Players who entered an Early Start League at an NTRP level lower than their current year-end rating are subject to NTRP Dynamic Disqualification.

How do you become a 5.0 tennis player?

you only get as good as your second serve and the players you play/practice against. A good way to get to 5.0 is to consistently play against 5.0 if they can put up with you. Yes a bit of a catch 22 there! But it was better when I did play against the upper level guys, but finding them is the tough part.

How high do tennis rankings go?

The ATP has four tiers of events – Grand Slams, Masters 1000, ATP 500 and ATP 250. At a Grand Slam, a winner receivers 2,000 points. The runner-up receives 1,200. Semifinalists get 720 and quarterfinalists receive 360.

How does the USTA make money?

That $600 million investment has already paid off for the USTA. In 2017, ticket sales and broadcasting generated $120 million each, with an additional $65 million from sponsorship deals and $30 million in concessions.

What is my USTA ranking?

Go to You can enter a USTA Membership # or player name and click Search to find ranking information. Click on the player name that is returned via the search results to see all the ranking lists that this player is on.

What is a 4.5 level tennis player?

NTRP LEVEL: 4.5 This player can vary the use of pace and spins, has effective court coverage, can control depth of shots, and is able to develop game plans according to strengths and weaknesses. This player can hit the first serve with power and accuracy and can place the second serve.

What is the highest level in tennis?

The highest level of tour tennis is the ATP World Tour and the WTA Tour, for men and women respectively.

How can I improve my tennis rating?

How To Improve to a 4.0 Tennis PlayerWork On Consistency. Truthfully, if one had to describe the difference between a 3.5 and a 4.0 tennis player, the word might be consistency. … Find Your Strengths and Use Them. … Playing Defensively and Offensively. … Take More Chances. … Use Variety in Your Game.

What is my USTA rating?

Please follow the steps below to find NTRP rating information: Navigate to the TennisLink Leagues Homepage. Under Find NTRP Rating Info, enter USTA Account #, team # or player name. Click SEARCH.