Question: Which Is Better 6 Or 12 Point Socket?

Can I use a 6 point socket on a 12 point nut?

Sockets are commonly made in both 6-point and 12-point styles.

For the best fit, choose a 6-point socket for a 6-point fastener and a 12-point socket for a 12-point fastener.

Tekton offers sockets in both varieties..

What are e sockets used for?

E Torx, or ‘external Torx sockets’ to give their full name, are sockets designed to fit and turn fasteners with an external Torx head. E Torx sockets are sized from E1 (smallest) to E100 (largest), although most E Torx socket sets will range in size from E4 – E24.

Can you strip 12 point sockets?

Do most of you all have sets of both 6 and 12 point tools, or rely on just one kind? As long as you are capable of holding the socket on the nut or bolt head, a 12pt socket will not strip the nut or bolt head any faster then a 6pt socket.

What can I do with old sockets?

Re: What do you do with your old wrenches and sockets. Trade them for ones you don’t have in your keeper sets or throw them in a cheap garage sale box and sell them at your own garage sale.

Are impact sockets stronger than regular sockets?

Impact sockets are made with a softer steel that can handle impacts better. They are thicker because the steel is in fact softer and easier to bend (but not necessarily break). … Chrome sockets are made from a harder steel that is also stronger, but it is more brittle and cannot take impacts well.

What does drive size mean for sockets?

Drive Hole indicates the size of the drive hole (also referred to as the “driver hole” or “square hole”), which determines the torque size of the driver tool you’ll need. For example, you’d use a ½-inch drive socket with a ½-inch drive ratchet. L indicates the overall socket length.

Are 12 point sockets bad?

A 12 point socket on a 6 point fastener is significantly more prone to fail. … There are a few 12 point fasteners in use but they are very rare and when it’s necessary to use a breaker bar in a confined area the 12 point can be necessary. A DIYer would rarely need them though.

Do I need a socket wrench?

About the only time you will use or need a socket set is if you are going to work on your vehicles. If you are only interested in doing basic repairs around your home, No you do not need a socket set. A good set of open end wrenches will suffice as well as a good Crescent type wrench.

Which socket is best?

The 6 Best Socket Sets of 2021Best Overall: Sunex Tools 3342 3/8-Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set at Amazon. … Best Budget: Stanley 92-804 30 Piece Socket Set at Amazon. … Best Torx Bit: Neiko Master Torx Bit and External Torx Socket Set at Amazon. … Best Portable: … Best Complete Package: … Best Professional Grade:

Why are impact sockets black?

Impact sockets are typically black. This is because the surface is carbonized in order for it to harden. Ensuring that the surface is hard allows the sockets to absorb sudden torque changes i.e. “impact” a lot better.

Will a 12 point socket work on a Torx bolt?

Neither a 6 or a 12 point socket will help when an E-Torx is required.

What are the most common socket sizes?

10mm sockets and 36mm sockets are typically the most commonly used sizes. Torx bit sockets. Fitted with bits designed for Torx screws, Torx bit sockets use the same size measurements as SAE sockets.

Are Stanley sockets any good?

In our opinion (and the opinion of thousands of consumers), Stanley have really upped the ante of their budget wrench/sockets with their laser etched Black Chrome lineup. These have been extremely well-reviewed since they were introduced a few years ago, and are actually now a best-seller on Amazon.

Are anti slip wrenches worth it?

The anti-slip wrenches will slow you down on open end work because the design gets caught on the fastener when you’re trying to pull the wrench away and flip it over. I wouldn’t recommend them for a primary set.

What are 8 point sockets for?

An 8 point socket set is essential, sometimes for pipe plugs that have been around too long, and sometimes working on old machinery where I may find square bolts, lags or nuts. … 8 Point sockets work great for removing square bolts and plugs.

Are 6 point sockets better?

Is this really necessary? Answer: It’s true that 12-point sockets are fine for most lightweight repairs, but heavy wrenching calls for a six-point socket. A six-point socket is much less likely to slip off a stubborn fastener or round over the corners.

Do you really need deep sockets?

Deep sockets are better for specific jobs instead of general use. If you have bolted joints, they make a much better option for your socket wrench than shallow sockets. … Because the length of the bolt means the nut will need to go further into the socket, deep sockets are a much better choice.

Can you use regular sockets with air ratchet?

Can you use regular sockets with air ratchet? Since the torque applied by the air ratchet is low, the answer is yes. Vice versa, you can also use impact sockets with your air ratchet. It’s just a bit of an overkill.

What is the advantage of a 12 point socket?

The additional points make these sockets easier to connect with the heads of fasteners. This is ideal if you are trying to work on a fastener that is hard to see or you cannot see at all. 12 point sockets are also great for use in tight spaces as they allow you to connect to a fastener at more angles.