Question: Who Is Better Bale Or Hazard?

What car does Eden Hazard drive?

0.9 matchesClub/FootballerReportedly Owned CarCar Paid Off InEden HazardAston Martin Vanquish66 mins playedMesut OzilFerrari 45848 mins playedJack WilshereFerrari 458128 mins playedAlexandre LacazetteFerrari 48892 mins played60 more rows.

How old is hazard now?

30 years (January 7, 1991)Eden Hazard/Age

Is Eden Hazard hurt?

Eden Hazard’s Real Madrid career is going from bad to worse. … “Following tests carried out today on our player, Eden Hazard, by Real Madrid Medical Services, he has been diagnosed with a muscle injury in his right leg,” the club said in a statement. “His recovery will continue to be assessed.”

Where is Eden Hazard now?

Real Madrid C.F.Eden Hazard/Current teams

How do you play like Bale?

If you want to play like Bale then you’ll need to learn to sucker the defenders in close to you and then burst past them….Keys to paying like Gareth Bale:Change of pace.Whip the cross in at pace.Good speed.Strong on the ball.Shoot with power.Not afraid to go at players.

Is Eden Hazard back from injury?

Ever since suffering an ankle injury against PSG last November, Eden Hazard’s Real Madrid career has been stalled by recurring ankle issues. He returned early in 2020 only to be sidelined a couple of games into his return, and he was dealing with more issues entering the 2020-2021 season.

Who is the best dribbler in world?

Lionel Messi#1 Lionel Messi – Barcelona – RW – 96 DRI Of the six stats related to dribbling – agility, balance, reactions, ball control, dribbling, composure – only one of them is below 95. Of the 12 related to passing and shooting, only one is below 85 and most top 90.

Who is better Neymar or Messi?

While Neymar can only manage half the number of assists as Ronaldo and around a third of Messi’s tally of 174. … The Brazilian has won 78.3 per cent of his 175 matches in Europe’s top leagues, marginally pipping both Messi (74.7 per cent) and Ronaldo (71.9 per cent).

Is Eden Hazard the best player?

“Eden Hazard, the best player I have ever seen. The skill, everything. The pace, the shots, the strength and he’s a very good guy.” Hazard is one of the best dribblers in the world and provided a bevy of goals and assists for Chelsea.

How much does Eden Hazard worth?

Eden Hazard’s net worth is approximately $100 million, but he continues to play soccer and will substantially increase that amount in the years to come.

What position is Eden Hazard?

ForwardEden Hazard/Position

How much does Eden Hazard make a week?

Hazard is allegedly in line to receive a net salary of around £9.8million-a-year (€11m-a-year), with bonuses able to raise that base figure by a sizeable amount. This net figure is Hazard’s take-home pay, and works out at around £188,000-a-week for the forward.

What number is Eden Hazard?

7Eden Hazard/Number

What makes Eden Hazard so good?

He Has Been Productive According to statistics on the Premier League’s website, Eden Hazard has contributed one goal and six assists for Chelsea so far this season. That makes him the creator of seven of Chelsea’s eight goals in the league so far.

Is Eden Hazard better than Neymar?

Real Madrid playmaker Mateo Kovacic has hailed Eden Hazard as one of the best three players in the world, better than Neymar, and equal to his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.