Quick Answer: What Does Topped Up Mean?

What does the expression going over the top mean?

Meaning: excessive, exaggerated.

too extreme, overdone.

beyond normal, acceptable or reasonable limits..

What does it mean to get top from a girl?

male or female who enjoys taking dominant roles in sexual play.

What does ewe mean?

female(Entry 1 of 2) : the female of the sheep especially when mature also : the female of various related animals.

What is a white ewe?

One should also take note that Desdemona is referred to as “your” white ewe—which demonstrates the hierarchal order of man over women (and women as objects or property) in the society. •

What does topped mean in slang?

capital punishmentTopping, slang term for capital punishment, especially hanging or beheading.

What does way up mean?

1. to be rising to a higher level or a better position. Prices are on the way up. This city is clearly on the way up. She is definitely on the way up and could become CEO before too long.

What does it mean to be a bottom girl?

Bottom girl, bottom woman, or bottom bitch is a term for a prostitute who sits atop the hierarchy of prostitutes working for a particular pimp. A bottom girl is usually the prostitute who has been with the pimp the longest and consistently makes the most money.

What top means?

b(1) : the highest or uppermost region or part. (2) : the upper end, edge, or surface. 2 : a fitted, integral, or attached part or unit serving as an upper piece, lid, or covering. 3a(1) : the highest position (as in rank or achievement) (2) : a person or thing at the top.

What does it mean to bottom out sexually?

Used of a horse. 16. Slang One who is penetrated by another person or is the submissive partner in a sexual encounter or relationship.

What does Tupping mean?

1 chiefly British : ram sense 1a. 2 : a heavy metal body (such as the weight of a pendulum) tup. verb. tupped; tupping.

What does Tupping mean sheep?

Tup – an alternative term for ram. Tupping – mating in sheep, or the mating season (autumn, for a spring-lambing flock). Weaner – a young animal that has been weaned, from its mother, until it is about a year old. Wether – a castrated male sheep (or goat).