Quick Answer: What Means Idle?

What is the opposite of idle?

Antonyms: overbusy, toiling, busy, profitable, responsible, at work(p), laboring, occupied, up to, labouring, drudging, active, engaged, supported, tied up(p), serious, employed, run, work.


How can I stop being idle?

6 Productive Ways to Spend Your Idle TimeRecord your goals. To be successful at anything, you must first set clear goals of what you want to achieve. … Listen to audio books. Acquiring new knowledge never loses its value, and we should never really stop learning until we die. … Learn another language. … Check up on your loved ones. … Get moving. … Give Back.

What happens when a person is idle?

If someone calls you idle, it either means they think you don’t have enough to do or that you’re just plain lazy. Idle can also mean having no value or purpose: idle rumors are rumors that people make up when they’re bored, but have no grounding in fact.

What is the use of idle?

IDLE is Python’s Integrated Development and Learning Environment. It allows programmers to easily write Python code. Just like Python Shell, IDLE can be used to execute a single statement and create, modify, and execute Python scripts.

What is idle person?

In describing a person or machine, idle means the act of nothing or no work (for example: “John Smith is an idle person”). This is a person who spends his days doing nothing could be said to be “idly passing his days.”

Is being idle bad?

Studies on humans and animals also suggest being idle can lead to harmful changes in your metabolism, Tremblay said, prompting higher blood fat levels and lower levels of “good” cholesterol.

What is idle in texting?

IDLE means “Inactive”.

How do I stop discord from going idle?

To do so, tap “Set Status.” A pop-up menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Just like you can on the desktop app, you can set your status to one of four presets: “Online,” “Idle,” “Do Not Disturb,” or “Invisible.”

How do you become idle in discord?

You’ll appear online with a green circle beside your avatar. Normally, you’ll automatically switch to idle if you’re AFK for a certain amount of time, but you can manually select it in the pop-up menu. Unlike the auto-idle status, manually setting idle will allow you to stay that way indefinitely.

What is the meaning of idle?

adjective, i·dler, i·dlest. not working or active; unemployed; doing nothing: idle workers. not spent or filled with activity: idle hours. not in use or operation; not kept busy: idle machinery. habitually doing nothing or avoiding work; lazy. of no real worth, importance, or significance: idle talk.

What idle means in discord?

AFKIdle status on Discord means the user is AFK or unresponsive on Discord in general. As Tyrone has stated Discord would automatically change your status to that if they notice you’ve been inactive for 5+ minutes.