What Is Another Name For Main Root?

Which root means good?

beneCommon Latin and Greek rootsCommon Latin RootsLatin RootDefinitionExamplesbenegoodbenefactor, benevolentcentone hundredcentury, percentcircumaroundcircumference, circumstance27 more rows.

Is Mango a tap root?

All trees have tap root hence mango also grows on a tree which has tap root. Tap root is very thick compare to other roots.

What is D opposite of sorry?

When “sorry” is being used to express sympathy, the opposite of sorry is “glad.” When “sorry” is being used to express remorse, the opposite of sorry is “unrepentant.” Of course there are other antonyms for “sorry” as well.

What root means shape?

Quick Summary. The root form, which means ‘shape,’ gives us a number of words that are used every day, including reform, information, deformed, and form. To ‘form,” for instance, is simply ‘to shape,’ whereas to reform is merely to ‘shape again.

Is mustard a tap root?

Mustard root is classified as an annual and is a member of the Brassicaceae or Cruciferae family, botanically known as Brassica juncea. While the Mustard plant is most commonly utilized for its greens and seeds, its large tap root has been gaining popularity on the culinary scene as a root vegetable.

What is another name for roots?

Some common synonyms of root are inception, origin, and source. While all these words mean “the point at which something begins its course or existence,” root suggests a first, ultimate, or fundamental source often not easily discerned.

What is the other name of tap root?

What is another word for taproot?main rootconical rootfusiform rootnapiform root

What is another word for Genesis?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for genesis, like: origin, dawning, seed, finale, beginning, birth, inception, origination, end, finish and conclusion.

Does Genesis mean beginning?

Did You Know? The traditional Greek name for the first and best-known book of the Bible is Genesis, meaning “origin”.

What is the opposite word of root?

Antonyms for root effect, derivative, outside, result, derivation, trivia, outgrowth, exterior, extra, consequence, end, sprout, conclusion, Exteriority.

What’s the root word for time?

Every student should know that chron is the Greek root for ‘time. ‘ From the chronometer to chronicling our lives, humankind is fascinated by ‘time.

What is another word for time?

What is another word for time?periodpatchtime frametime intervaltime periodtimespantime spancoursebittimeline18 more rows

Is tomato a tap root?

The tomato plant can have a fibrous root system or a taproot system depending on how the plant was grown. If the plant is grown from a seed, the plant will exhibit taproot organization, as shown in the photograph and drawing below. When the plant is grown from cuttings, a fibrous root system will form.

What can I say instead of beginning?


What is the opposite of Genesis?

3. I think the antonym of “genesis” is “terminus.” The general meaning of genesis (outside any particular contextual application) is “beginning.” So the antonym should be a word that generally means “ending.”