What Is The Hawaiian Name For Love?

What is the Hawaiian name for beautiful?

KianaConsider Kiana.

Kiana (key-AN-ah) is the Hawaiian version of Diana, which means “divine”.


This name is one of the more popular Hawaiian names, currently ranked in the top 50 girl names in the Aloha State..

What is a good Hawaiian name?

Hawaiian NamesKai. Kai is a lovely name with multicultural origins ranging from Greek to Hawaiian to Native American. … Kai. Kai has turned into the little multi-cultural name that could. … Bane. Hawaiian: Long-awaited child. … Alana. Gaelic Origin. … Leilani. Hawaiian: Child of heaven, heavenly flowers. … Koi. … Kona. … Nana.More items…

What are some Hawaiian boy names?

Hawaiian Boy NamesAheSoft breeze.AheaheGentle breeze.AkamaiIntelligent, clever.AkamuFormed by God, Earth.AkelaGraceful and noble.AkoniWorthy of admiration or praise.AlikaGuardian.AlohaLoving person.More items…

What does the name Kono mean in Hawaiian?

ko-no, kon-o ] The baby boy name Kono is pronounced as KOW-Now- †. Kono is derived from Native American-Miwok origins. Kono is of the meaning a tree squirrel biting through the middle of a pine nut.

What name means love is beautiful?

LolonyoThe name Lolonyo means Love Is Beautiful and is of African origin.

What name means love and beauty?

VenusVenus has Latin origins and the Latin meaning of Venus is Goddess of love and beauty.