Where Can I Buy Used Tools Online?

Where can I buy good used tools?

Yard sales, flea markets, pawnshops, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are typically the best places to shop for used tools.

If you don’t mind paying shipping, you’ll find used tools on eBay, too.

When buying from someone online, always check their ratings and reviews..

What can I do with used power tools?

Contact your nearest power tool dealer or service center to see if it will recycle your tool for you. Some companies, including Bosch and Festool, allow consumers to drop off their old power tools at one of their dealers or service centers to be properly disassembled and recycled.

How do you price tools?

A good rule of thumb is that tools in excellent condition will sell for 85 percent to 95 percent of the original cost, good tools 75 percent to 85 percent, average tools 50 percent to 75 percent. Below-average and poor-condition tools rarely command more than 35 percent of the original price.

How do I sell my old power tools?

How to Sell Used Power ToolsEnsure that the tools are in good working condition. Clean the tools. … Research the average selling price for the power tools. Set a value for the tools. … Place the tools in newspaper classified ads. … Create an account on eBay. … Include as much detail about the tools as possible in the post. … Have a garage sale.

Which is better Milwaukee or DeWalt?

If you want to get onto a 12V platform, Milwaukee makes the most sense. For compact tools, we also feel Milwaukee edges out DeWalt. The new DeWalt Atomic line of tools promises compactness and affordability, but it doesn’t seem to go far enough in saving weight.

Where is the best place to sell used tools?

Hey, If you are looking for a good place to sell used tools, you could try either www.craigslist.org or www.toolexchangeworld.com .

Where can I buy refurbished Dewalt tools?

Amazon.com: refurbished dewalt tools.

What’s the best place to buy tools online?

Best Places to Buy Power Tools Online – How To Buy Online!The Benefits and Downsides of Getting New Power Tools. … Warranties and Guarantees. … Shipping and Returns. … The Shopping Experience. … Amazon.com. … Lowes.com. … eBay.com. Ebay.com offers both used and new items to give you the best of both worlds. … Menards.com. Menards.com is the discount wing of the major home improvement centers.More items…

How do I buy used power tools?

5 Tips to Follow When Buying Used Power ToolsCheck the Power Cord. This is a very important step when deciding whether or not to purchase a tool that’s been used for any unknown length of time. … Test It. … Safety First. … Inspect the Housing. … Research.

Should I buy used tools?

Though the fact that a tool has been used doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it, it does mean you should look more closely and perhaps ask for a better deal. … If you can’t see that a tool works and listen to the motor run, then you’re really taking a chance with that purchase—and the price should reflect your risk.

Does Home Depot sell refurbished tools?

Reconditioned – Power Tools – Tools – The Home Depot.

Where is the cheapest place to buy power tools?

The Home Depot, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Woot are great places to check for deals on power tools, and you’ll likely see more showing up online and in-store during April, September and November.

Where can I buy good tools?

Tool Guide: Where to Buy Tools?Online distributors (e.g. Amazon.com, Harry Epstein Co.)Big Box Retailers (e.g. Home Depot, Lowes, Sears)Industrial Suppliers (e.g. Enco, McMaster Carr, MSC)Woodworking Shops (e.g. Lee Valley, Rockler, Woodcraft)Specialty Supply Shops (e.g. Little Machine Shop, plastics suppliers)More items…•